Prints are our thing, and the ones you see in our collections – everything from splashy florals, to bohemian toile de jouy, to tough street graphics – come from the freewheeling imagination of Susan, our head of print design. Working from our design studio – affectionately dubbed ‘The Church’ as it’s housed in a former 17th century church in the heart of Amsterdam – Susan and the super-talented team sketch nearly all our prints from scratch. That’s a lot of craft and love going into any one piece. Here, Susan, whose passion for prints is evident to anyone who meets her, literally – she’s covered in tattoos – talks us through her creative operandus and how it all started after she received a box of chalk from her dad.

Meet Susan

"I always start by hand: paper cut-outs, chalk sketches, painted artworks. Then I render my designs digitally, combining the organic handwriting with clean shapes to make them more modern."

"We like to tell a story in our graphics. Our prints are a fusion of different ideas from the team, which makes them really fun and interesting. And typically Scotch!"

"I think my love for graphics started with a box of chalk my dad gave me. And my mum’s make-up, which I used to mess up the white walls in our living room!"

"Inspiration can come from anywhere: brainstorms with colleagues, drinks with friends, films, trips, books, music. Sometimes I even wake up with ideas, but they mostly arise during the creation process."

"My first tattoo was a tribal design when I was 15. I love big pieces, not too scribbly. My biggest ones are a snake with Japanese peonies on my leg, and an eagle on my back inked by Marco Serio, my favourite tattoo artist."

"One of my favourite prints this season is the toile de jouy. If you look closely, you can see there’s so much happening – the little humorous hints, like the sneaky snakes looking at you."