Inspired by the artists of the early 1900s, whose rich ateliers of ideas flood our Fall/Winter 2020 designs, we showcase style with the creative class of now. From classical ballet dancer to synth-pop vocalist, they bring the unexpected to dressing. Follow their lead.

The dancer: Hannah de Klein

The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty – the ballet classics on the greatest world stages are the terrain of dancer Hannah de Klein. A member of the Corps de ballet at the Dutch National Ballet, Hannah has never been afraid to explore innovative projects that bridge the disciplines of ballet, film, and fashion – a maxim she brings to party dressing, mashing traditional jacquards with sleek, athletic shapes

The painter: Aten Molly

When you love every creative outlet there is, it shows in your art. Aten Molly is a painter. And a model. And a musician. Named after Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, this half-Croatian, half-Surinamese artist loves the aesthetically-pleasing – he wears corduroy overalls when he paints. And when he parties: a sharp tux and shirt remixed with exotic prints.

Take your style cues from our creative class of now: jacquards clashed with sports-luxe sweaters, rich fabrics with decadent prints – they go all-out, their way.

The musician: Jesse Nambyar

Concentrate on the music and the rest will follow. That's the natural order of things according to Jesse Nambiar, who produces music under the name of Nambyar. This soulful-looking, soulful-sounding musician is instinctively following his urge to create. One to march to his own beat, Jesse is all about amped-up staples: rainbow-striped trousers teamed with rich textures and varsity details.

The artist: Janine van Oene

With a CV gilded with a string of prizes and exhibitions, artist Janine van Oene's hyper-focus seems to come from another age. Days in an atelier with no disturbance is her dream set-up – her abstract works combine painting with 3D effects in large masterpieces. Making the case for the impact of one standout piece, she wears a serpent trucker jacket and clean separates.

The provocateur: Maarten Nico

Like all great artists, Maarten Nico's work draws from lived experiences. And like all great artists, his pieces resonate beyond the personal. Take his 2018 exhibition Ghost Life, which used his bed-come-studio to critique the high rents in Amsterdam. Moving between film, sound and word, this renegade artist does things his own way, always. Here, he doubles up powder pink and finishes with jacquard trousers.

The singer: Sofie Winterson

Take something old and make it new seems to be the musical mantra of Sofie Winterson. It helps that she has an echoingly beautiful voice. And the face to match. But it's the graft she's put in to get to the podiums of the Netherlands, her homeland, that distinguishes her. A lover of skewed classics in song and in style, she upends a traditional velvet dress with a tapestry-print top.