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Tenancy 2 / 55-59 Murray St, Hobart
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All about Scotch & Soda Hobart 

Our favourite destination store, the Hobart Scotch & Soda store is in the centre of Hobart's fashion hub and has an undeniable European feel for visitors. Full of character and personality it's popular with locals and travellers alike.

Warm wooden and industrial accents frame the store's design and although it's our newest Flagship Store, it feels as though it's been part of the scenery for years, blending in with the historic architecture of the surrounding buildings. Our collections are perfect for the local climate as it is similar to our hometown Amsterdam, you'll find here our men's, women's, Amsterdam Blauw and children's ranges with our new-classic shapes, pops of colour and eclectic prints.

An adventurous traveller herself, our Hobart Fashion Host Kafka is a wealth of style and local knowledge. At home at the mountain peaks or the local music scene, she embraces discovery of all kinds.

Meet the Fashion Host - Kafka

Describe your style in 3 words?

Chic, bold, layers.

Why is Scotch & Soda unique to you?

Scotch & Soda is unique to me because of the hidden details you find in each garment. Whether it’s a greeting embroidered inside my T-shirt, a compliment tucked in the fly of my jeans, or a message on the sole of my boot, I am consistently surprised by my Scotch wardrobe. 

What do you love most about working with Scotch & Soda?

The storytelling element of being a stylist makes each day different, as there is a unique, romantic way to describe each collection. Every garment has a story to tell, surprise details and a point of interest, it’s such a pleasure being able to share these with our customers. I also adore meeting the vast range of customers who walk through our doors, from locals to travellers.

When it comes to fashion and styling, what matters most to you?

It is of uttermost importance to me that my customers are happy and feel confident in their skin. I want to make every experience a memorable one, whether it’s helping someone find a new pair of jeans or styling a mother for her son’s wedding. Each customer brings a new challenge to be solved which is always highly rewarding.

What is your go-to Scotch & Soda iconic piece?

Our La Bohemienne Mid-Rise denim, they are durable, stylish and comfortable. I think every woman's wardrobe should have a pair.

What is your favourite summer uniform?

My summer style is all about comfort and you'll find me in a camisole, a pair of loose fit pants finished with staple white sneakers.

What is your preferred winter uniform?

Layers and more layers! It gets really cold here in Tasmania so usually, I’m in our Stay Black Skinny jeans, a pair of tall boots and an oversized jumper, paired with a cosy scarf.